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Today, nations are faced more than ever before with the quest to develop the skills, competencies and behaviors that will equip its citizens to survive the highly versatile market demands of the 21st century, and bridge the 'advantage' divide. Concomitant with this quest is the need to tap into and celebrate the vision, inspiration, courage and creativity of social entrepreneurship.

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Shear Power Ventures (SPV Ghana) is an organization committed to enriching communities with superior quality services and cutting edge programs and events to promote social change.

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Company Profile

Shear Power Ventures (SPV Ghana) was established in December 2006 to design, market and organize Human Resource development based programs and events that would project, enhance and re-infuse desirable values and competencies in society, in a bid to positively influence the thinking, behavior and productivity of younger people.

It accomplishes its purpose by combining traditional social marketing models with novel commercial marketing techniques to appeal to target groups and realize change.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance Ghana’s Human Capital for wealth creation through events organization, capacity building and micro finance support to achieve socioeconomic change.

We achieve our mission by developing valuable socio-business relationships with corporate Ghana, development partners, the media, Community Based, Non-Governmental, and Faith Based Organizations to foster respect, mutual satisfaction and environmental stewardship.

Value Statement

Our core values center on respect for people, honesty and integrity, team spirit and competence.

Our Programs

1.Portrait Of An Excellent Woman Awards

Portrait of an Excellent Woman is the celebration of the essential Woman. The goal is not just to create entertainment, but more importantly, to showcase strong, community role models to inspire the youth; challenge more women to critically review their roles in character molding and national development; encourage citizens and investors to empower more women; and to energize more women to participate.

2.Micro Finance Service

Our micro-finance service primarily targets women MSEs by sustainably providing superior quality services at affordable prices.


Ewra Adwoa Buahema

Ewra Adwoa BuahemaEwra Adwoa Buahema, nee Christian, is founder and CEO of Shear Power Ventures, Ghana. She is an Organization Development Practitioner who specializes in facilitating the creation of awareness of group behavior patterns and expediting desired change within organizations.

She engages in training corporate officers and staff, specifically in organizational diagnosis, change management, cultural awareness, team building and performance, customer service and relations, project impact assessments, behavior change communications, social marketing of sustainable livelihoods, and capacity building of micro entrepreneurs.

Her employment career started in Sales and Marketing at Vodi Technik Motors in Ghana where she acquired valuable skills in interpersonal relations, negotiations, and strategic business planning. She became Marketing and Projects Coordinator in Assets Management in the United States of America, where she marketed financial products and retirement services, and assessed competitive advantage of rival organizations to help improve and develop her employer organization's cutting edge. She moved to Compliance, where she supported the Vice President of Compliance to inform and train Sales Officers on legislature-friendly investment options for potential clients, and assisted client companies make appropriate choices.

On her return to Ghana, she changed her career direction and entered the Development arena. She worked directly with the Head of Corporate Affairs at the Ghana Social Marketing Foundation (GSMF), coordinating interventions in health and micro-enterprise, planning, implementation, and monitoring of programs, defining & promoting GSMF's corporate brand until she left to pursue a Masters degree in Development Management.

In 2004, she joined Reach Select, a Human Resource Development and Management Consulting Firm as Associate Consultant, where she applies a facilitative, exploratory approach to guide clients through a journey of self discovery where they take responsibility and ownership of their learning, discovery, and change. In 2006 she founded Shear Power Ventures and is particularly involved in reorienting perceptions and mindsets at corporate, community and micro-enterprise levels; building capacity among youth to leverage their preparedness for the world of work; and developing programs to promote social empowerment.

She is a member of the Gestalt Organizations & Systems Development Community of Practitioners and has played lead and support roles in facilitating change in various organizations and communities.


Jonathan Apangabuno Aviisah

Jonathan Apangabuno AviisahJonathan Apangabuno Aviisah is Head of Field Operations in all regions where SPV Ghana undertakes intervention activities. He is a community development worker devoted to promoting good governance and public participation in policy formulation. His passion for the empowerment and development of communities in Ghana has driven him to acquire a well-rounded repertoire of skills in Public Deliberation and Moderation; Facilitation; Community Entry; Capacity Building of CBOs; Lobbying and Advocacy; and Community Score Card techniques.

(The Community Score Card (CSC) is a community level performance monitoring tool used in engaging citizens in the assessment of public policies and services; and to interact with service providers to express their concerns. It employs the "community" as a unit of analysis and focuses on accountability at the local level. The ultimate goal is to influence the quality, efficiency and accountability with which services are provided and to influence policy.)

He has worked for the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) in Ghana in the following capacities: Formulating policies on governance issues; training district facilitators on public deliberation methodology of IDEG; organizing district forums; and assisting in the research of issues in governance. He worked with IBIS to initiate a Youth Forum in the Ashaiman District of Ghana, and represents both IBIS and NIMCOSS as official spokesperson for the youth, and speaks English, Ga, Twi, Hausa, Frafra, Dagbani, and Nankam.

He is a member of the Local Government Network of Civil Society Organisations (LOGNET); National Coalition Against Privatisation (NCAP); and Governance Issues Forum (GIFNET).

Qualification (s) & Training
Tamale Teacher Training School 2000
Kapohine Senior Secondary School 1994-1996
Participatory, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) 2006 (IDEG)
Community Score Card & Community Entry Profile 2006 (IBIS West Africa & NIMCOSS)
Facilitator Development Program 2005 (IBIS West Africa)
Public Deliberation Methodology 2004 (IDEG)
Capacity Building Training 2005 (NIMCOSS)
Advocacy, Lobbying & Communication 2005 (IDEG)

Shear Power Ventures


Woman I
Shrewd as night

As Mary,
As seven wells,
As ripe moon;

Vibrant as blood,
Resilient as water,
Irrepressible as day,
I travail;

Ewra Adwoa Buahema