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A nation's wealth is [now] principally of its own collective choosing... how a nation and its citizens choose to organize and manage the economy, the institutions they put in place and the types of investments they individually and collectively choose to make will determine national prosperity.

(Michael F. Porter)

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Within our communities, ordinary women continue to take small strides that yield tall impacts on the livelihoods of young people. Many of the works of these neglected heroines, howbeit, pale in obscurity, leaving the majority of people ignorant and deprived of rich information that could provide governments, policy makers, educational institutions, the media, investors and individuals with model cases that should inform decision making, and inspire the confident creation of a culture anchored in higher universal values and vibrant with innovation and enterprise. These women are central to our development.

The central role of women in the development of nations is summarized by the late educationist, Dr. James Kwagyir Aggrey: that to "educate a woman [is to] educate a nation". This truism defines a basis on which policy makers, development partners, financial institutions, and governing councils should chart an enabling environment for women to excel. In developing countries, empirical evidence suggests that investments in women often revert into the community with multiple residual returns.

Today, many educated women can be found in lead and support roles in many sectors of human activity 'making things happen'. They are good home-makers, they provide the anchorage and support that men and children seek for their success, and they are caretakers of culture and traditions. Great men are often created by women who made significant sacrifices towards their growth, and taught them moral values including equality and respect for all. This defines the central role of women in development. A nation that invests in its women therefore invests essentially in national prosperity.


Woman I
Shrewd as night

As Mary,
As seven wells,
As ripe moon;

Vibrant as blood,
Resilient as water,
Irrepressible as day,
I travail;

Ewra Adwoa Buahema